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Pippa DaCosta is a USATODAY bestselling, two-time DragonCon Award Finalist, and Amazon Breakthrough Novel semi-finalist hybrid author. Before securing a traditional publisher, she published the Veil Series (a x5 book urban fantasy series) independently in 2014. Pippa is traditionally published with Bloomsbury and Random House Germany. Her work has been featured in the Galaxy Chronicles anthology, part of the Future Chronicles series. Pippa continues to independently and traditionally publish fantasy and science fiction. Her books have been downloaded, bought and listened to over 1,000,000 times. 
Pippa also writes as Ariana Nash.
She lives in Cornwall, England. 

Published works:

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Chaos Falls, December 2017
Shoot the Messenger, March 2018
Game of Lies, June 2018
The Nightshade's Touch, September 2018
Prince of Dreams, December 2018
Silk & Steel (as Ariana Nash), Jan 2019
Deep Blue Sea (short story), Feb 2019
Iron & Fire (as Ariana Nash), April 2019
Her Dark Legion, June 2019
Deliverance, July 2019
Twilight Seeker, Jan 2020
Resistance, May 2020 
Night Scourge, July 2020

(In order of publication)

Beyond The Veil, 2014

Devil May Care, 2014

Wings of Hope, 2014

Darkest Before Dawn, 2014

Drowning In The Dark, 2015

Ties That Bind, 2015

City of Fae, 2015 (Bloomsbury (& Random House (2019))

Girl From Above Betrayal, 2015

Girl From Above Escape, 2015

Girl From Above Trapped 2015

Girl From Above Falling  Galaxy Chronicles, 2015

Girl From Above Trust, March 2016

City of Fae #2 May 2016 (Bloomsbury)

Chaos Rises, June 2016

Hidden Blade, June 2016

Witches Bane, August 2016

See No Evil, October 2016

Chaos Unleashed, March 2017

Chase the Dark, April 2017

Scorpion Trap, June 2017

Serpent's Game, July 2017

Edge of Forever, August 2017






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