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FAQ ~ Authors 

I will be adding more to this page over the next few weeks... If you have a question you'd like answered, please fill in the contact form. 

Who designs your book covers?

I've been lucky enough to work with some fantastic designers over the years. I've listed them below. Some have long wait times, so if you are looking for a new designer be sure to book early.



Ravven - The Veil Series, Chaos Series


Sylvia Frost at Book Brander (new series design)



Rebecca Frank - Soul Eater & 1000 Revolution



Seedlings Design - London Fae


Bookfly Design - The Heartstone Thief paperback


Eddy Shinjuku - illustration Messenger Chronicles

Deranged Doctor Designs - Messenger Chronicles - typography

Do you recommend using pre-made covers?

If you have a tight budget, I do recommend pre-made covers (unless you have your own killer photoshop skills!) but with some caveats: 


  • Always buy from reputable artists (get recommendations).

  • Check the designer has the correct license for the images. No license? Don't use them. 

  • Be aware of your genre and look out for blatant 'copies'. Most designers are legitimate but some are not. You don't like your work being pirated and neither do cover designers or artists.

  • If you are buying the Photoshop files, always buy the related stock art so that YOU have the correct license to use those images. 








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