Stay in the light, avoid locked doors, and resist silver whispers.

Meet Lynher Aris, hostess extraordinaire. By night, she entertains the Dark Ones passing through the Night Station: vampires, demons, shifters, and worse. By day, she undermines them all by working with the resistance to unravel their enslavement of the human race.


But Lynher has a dark secret, and with the imminent arrival of Ghost—a vampire overlord few have seen but all fear—she must play her role as the queen of the Night Station to perfection, keeping the resistance and her secret safe, or risk losing everything, including the powerful Night Station itself. 

Twilight Seeker, Daybreaker #1
Twilight Seeker
Night Scourge, Daybreaker #2


Book 2 in the Daybreaker Series...

Cruel vampires, deceitful djinn, sly fae and more! Return to the world of the Night Station!

More information coming soon.

Note: The publication date is temporary and likely to be brought forward.

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