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Snake Eyes

Unlucky people die around Jaz Archer. 

Like her sister, killed in an illegal street race two years ago.

That’s how the press told it. But Jaz knows the truth. Able to manipulate luck, Jaz took too much, and killed her sister to save herself.

Haunted by her sister’s screams, Jaz abandoned Davin Carino and his street-racing crew, and made a new life for herself managing a casino far away from the buzz of fast cars and the enigmatic Davin.

But you can’t outrun luck, and when a freak accident at the casino claims another life, Jaz is to blame once again. Reeling from guilt and more alone than ever, the timely arrival of a mysterious woman throws Jaz’s world into chaos. The woman tells Jaz magic is real, and it can bring back her sister. All Jaz has to do is win an ancient relic disguised as a superbike in a street-race.

The offer seems too good to be true, but if there’s a catch, Jaz doesn’t care. She’ll do anything to get her sister back. Including returning to Davin Carino and the crew she walked away from. If there’s a magical bike ripping up the street-racing scene, Davin will know.

It’s time to go back to the street, time to race. Time to win.

No matter the cost…


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