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2015, you're gonna be hard to beat.

2015 has been an astonishing year. In May I met some awesome folks at Book Expo America in New York City, and City of Fae was published by Bloomsbury (I visited their New York offices and meet some of the fabulous Spark authors while there). I count myself lucky to be a part of the international Bloosmbury team, and frankly I'll take any excuse to visit their central London office!

In 2015, I signed with super agent Hannah Sheppard of DHH Literary Agency London. Any agent that takes her authors for a Mexican and dispenses awesome fashion advice has to be worth her weight in gold — Big things coming from us soon.

Sales for The Veil Series have blown all my targets out of the water. I was number crunching yesterday and almost fell off my chair once I'd tallied it all up. I could never have imagined my books would take off quite like they have. I'm grateful for every single reader who took a chance on the Veil Series (and my sci-fi series!). I simply would not be able to write full time without your support and enthusiasm.

2015 saw me wrap up the epic Veil Series and start something completely off the wall crazy. A mad, dirty, sexy little sci-fi series, Girl From Above. And holy moly, did that little series hit a chord with readers. It's risky. It's dark. Every character is despicable in their own, unique way, and man I had so much fun writing it. (The reviews for Girl From Above do make me chuckle - one of my fav's simply says, 'Basically, everyone in this story is a d*ck.' My thoughts, 'My work here is done.') This series caught the eye of Samuel Peralter of the acclaimed Future Chronicles anthologies. Samuel invited me to write for the recently released Galaxy Chronicles. Of course, I coudn't say no. (There are some brilliant authors in this anthology, two of my favorite being GS Jennsen and Jen Foehner Wells).

Throughout the year I hit the Amazon Top 100 (entire store) charts several times, including hitting #10 in Fantasy Authors. I also rubbed shoulders with Stephen King, and George R R Martin on iBooks.

2015 has been a year of accomplishments, of realized dreams and crazy ideas. It's been a blast!

What will 2016 bring?

I start a new series, 'Chaos Rises' (OMG I cannot wait for this one); 'City of Shadows, London Fae #2' hits virtual shelves (with City of Fae publishing in paperback in Germany in the autumn); I finish up the Girl From Above series with all the action, sex, and explosions that that series entails (if you think it's going to be fluffy bunnies and buttercups, you're gonna be in for a shock), and I have a traditional fantasy in my back pocket and more writerly dreams in my head.

2015 is going to be hard to beat, but I'm sure gonna try ;)

Add your comments below. How has your year been? What are you looking forward to in 2016?


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