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Chaos Rises ~ OUT TODAY!

It's ALIVE! Chaos Rises has finally been released into the wild on all vendors TODAY. Grab your copy of 99¢ (price goes up to $3.99 next week). I'm so excited, I can't think straight.

A big thank you to all the emails and letters you've been sending in. The Veil Series and Muse were a very hard act to follow, but Chaos Rises and Gem bring a whole new outlook to the world we love so much. If you haven't read the Veil series, don't worry, you can dive right in to Chaos Rises and not miss a beat.

Go grab the ebook while it's on offer, and don't forget the Goodreads paperback giveaway AND the mega competition to win lots of cool stuff, including a signed paperback and a $25 amazon gift card (check it out on my blog and Facebook).

Happy reading!

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